Monday motivation

Who often has a case of the Mondays??  I mean it’s the first day of the week, your weekend is over and many of you return to school or work. It’s never the best day of the week. But who says it has to stay that way

Since graduating college and moving on to my current big girl corporate America I have learned and mastered ways to get through the toughest day of the week.

Here are some ideas 

  1. Wake up to your favorite tunes!!!
  2. Pick out your favorite breakfast food and grab a bite 
  3. Open the shades and blinds and let in some sunlight!! Your body craves. Vitamin D
  4. Make a cup of tea to get your system awake
  5. Whip out your planner and see what lies ahead for the week
  6. Journal!!! 

Sometimes I switch a few things up  just to change the rhythm of my day but not the tempo!

What do you do to get through Mondays ???


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