Fresh Start

There is one thing I’m going to try to help me get through the BABY BLUES portion of being a new mom. And that is erasing any reminder of how I used to be. In doing that I am deleting all of my old photos of how I used to look out of my phone. If I care to look back on one then social media is always there. But I believe that this is the best way to stop being so hard on myself through this new transition and role I’m taking on.

I know some people may think but what about those memories. You may never get them back or get a chance to do them over. Well my response is this. THe same will happen with the new memories I intend to make. I want learn to accept myself for who I am now not who I used to be.

Right now my current roles consist of

  2. Business woman
  3. Partner to my son’s father until we are married
  4. Daughter
  5. Grand daughter
  6. Niece
  7. Cousin

I am also not in my college/club phase anymore. I have grown out of the traditional norm for a 22 year old. Which would involve late nights out drinking and partying and not having the slightest clue of the events or any of my actions that may have taken place the night before.

I am more interested in blogging about my experiences as a new mother, an aspiring entrepreneur/business owner, reading about success and how to achieve it. Building and maintaining quality finances, ( keeping a high credit score, building my savings, working on a manageable budget), being a loving wife to my current boyfriend, and lastly countless ways of striving to get further ahead.

At least starting with removing the used to be’s and embracing the new me is the best way to accomplish this.


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