Just Breathe

As my first week of entering motherhood is approaching an end. I have made note of several things.

  2. My baby is NOT Perfect
  3. There is no such thing as 8 hours of sleep
  4. Days and Nights are usually backwards
  5. I will never be the girl I once was, and I need to accept that

So with those five things that I have made note of I want to enter week 2 with a new mindset that may ease my emotions.  I want to get dressed. I want to put some makeup on. i want to try and walk outside of my apartment . I am beautiful. I am Not alone. I want to try and get some housework done. I will sleep a bit more when my son sleeps. I want to understand that these sleepless nights and days are only temporary and that I want to cherish them for as long as I can, Because just as fast as I am learning about my son he is also growing up before my eyes and these infant/newborn days will not last forever.


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