The Agency- Ally O’Brien Review Part 2

HEYY My Good People

I am here to report the second part of my review for

THE  AGENCY – Ally O’Brien

PS : You Can Purchase this book at AMAZON! Just click the picture !!

I have finished this novel and let me tell you guys IT WAS AWESOME! Great story lots of twists and plots going on it makes it an easy page turner. In an earlier post I mentioned that the characters were completely relatable and easy to follow. The protagonist turned out to be my favorite character through the entire story– TESS DRAKE. Her Assistant who (if you plan on reading it which I highly encourage you to do) is Emma is also a fave throughout the story and sticks by her side through the whole fiasco!

Now I am not going to spoil any parts of the fantastic book because I highly encourage my readers to purchase it and read it for yourself and Enjoy It!! But I will say that the ending is not at all what you would expect from a Novel of this type… not exactly your fairy tale ending but it does make the entire story tie together nicely.

Also as I promised in a previous post I would give my idea of a perfect cast for this book if it were to become a movie,

  • TESS DRAKE – Georgia King 
  • Emma –  Bella Thorne
  • Jack (AKA DARCY): Jude Law
  • Cosima – Monica Belluci
  • Saleema Azah- Nicole Scherzinger
  • Dorothy- Julie Andrews
  • Sally- Phoebe Tonkin
  • Evan- Ben Foster

This is my cast what would be yours! Once again for all my 20 something ladies, or anyone for that matter who is looking for something to read that is a good book and a page turner this is surely one for you! Go on an head over to AMAZON to check it out! You will be happy you did



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