The Agency Book Review part 1

As I am over half way through the novel that I am currently reading,

THE AGENCY – Ally O’Brien,

I have learned many things

  1. I can totally relate to the protagonist, Tess Drake in many different ways
  2. I wish I was living in London
  3. The characters are really relatable and easy to keep up with

Okay now my take on the main character and narrator Tess, is that she is in her mid thirties with a thriving career at a Marketing and publishing agency and she has alot going for herself. She also has the will and drive to begin her own company. Like myself I am stuck a great brand named company but I want to branch out and do my own thing. However I am still making a name for myself and I am only 23.  Tess is also very unsettled in her personal life. This I can differ from I have a fiance and a son. She on the other hand cant decide which man she wants to be with and she has a sexual desire craving issue that needs to be tamed. I am also very likable and try to have many associates with minimal friends so people do not have to know every little detail about me. Tess has several enemies and few close friends in the book. … See TESS keeps me on my toes with this book

The setting however takes place mainly in London and then bits and pieces in the US. Tess keeps me dreaming about my career. The thought of being able to take a plane wherever and whenever just to deal with client business is absolutely extraordinary.

Lastly the other characters in the novel are easy to follow along with. As you read about the trials and tribulations Tess has to go through to get where she wants to be , you meet interesting characters that you can easily makeout through the eyes of Tess Drake.

KUDOS to ALLY O’BRIEN for such a page turner! I am hoping this book will become a MOVIE because in my next post about my opinion of the conclusion of the book. I will give my ideal cast for this novel if it were to become a Motion Picture!!

I ENCOURAGE ALL MY READERS TO PICK THIS BOOK UP!! Because you will not be able to put it down!!

PS : You Can Purchase this book at AMAZON! Just click the picture !!



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