Career Path

Now one essential component of Christen’s Corner is the Business Aspect

For business I like to cover any aspect that I think any working woman would find helpful and encouraging. So as I am coming to the end of my maternity leave with my son I am evaluating my current status at my job and I am constantly wondering if I deserve more or if there is a place for me elsewhere that my skills and talents would be appreciated.

Turns out after I worked out my resume and added a few overlooked components of my career such as

My association with the NAACP the Iowa chapter and my association with the Diversity and Inclusion component of Wells Fargo

I needed to make sure that I note those important and highly recognizable things.

Well last night after I finished touching up my resume and uploaded it to a few job posting websites : CareerBuilder, Indeed, and Glassdoor. I started thinking about a recent opportunity that I was offered, to run my own insurance agency.

Starting my own business and creating my own brand has always been a dream of mine. Similar to making the move to Phoenix with my family, I asked myself, WHAT IS TRULY STOPPING ME. ?

My list of things stopping me from starting a business

Health Insurance for me and my son

maintaining and Growing my income.

My Debt and paying it off

Determining a niche for my business

I mean with a bit of help and a lift in the right direction starting a business is absolutely up my alley. It would allow me to have control over my life, my time and create more freedom to spend with my son and watch him grow.

I have been able to pick up a few good reads that can give me a nudge in the right direction.

Selling for Dummies 

Start your Own Business – Entrepreneur Press


I encourage all aspiring entrepreneurs to check these books out!! (CLICK THE LINKS!) 

Hopefully they will help me to become inspired with this idea.

For now blogging as much as I can and contributing to the needs and wants of my readers is both a hobby and pure enjoyment for me!








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