Season of Change

I’M BAAAAACK my good people!

I needed to take a short break from posting. I was running low on my creative juices and I needed to get re-inspired. Well let me catch you guys up on the past two weeks!

  1. My birthday was last Wednesday!! THE BIG 2 3 .. my Jordan Year all that good jazz
  2. Went to the Omaha ZOO for the first time with my little family and can I just say it was AHHMAZING, minus the naughty kids. Sage learned a lot and fell in LOOOVE with the fishies!!
  3. Celebrated with a nice Shrimp Boil at my future IN-LAWS. that was fine and dandy until I caught food poisoning this morning
  4. My fiance and I finally settled on a move to Phoenix month , MORE TO COME ON THAT
  5. I am observing more things to blog about as I approach my return back to work.
  6. I HAVE NEW Palettes to try on and show you guys


Well Until my next post I will keep you guys in the KNOW!!!





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