Be the person you want to be

Tonight as my son snores away I watched two YouTube videos on being wealthy and rich (two things I desire) I noticed the enthusiasm of the speaker and the encouragement he displayed which got my mind thinking.

I’m 23 years old. 7 years from being 30. I have a pretty good start so far with a good job and supportive family

But for some reason I’m not entirely satisfied, I know my worth. I know that my skills and talents are worth more. I want my family to have the best life and I want to live out my dreams. 

Now hear me when I say being rich and having loads of money is not the solution to my plea. But it is a reward that I want to work towards . I have several goals in mind that may help me reach them. But for now listening and taking notes from people who are already living the life I want is the best way to learn!! 



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