Back home

Good evening Christen’s Corner readers!!!

Oh how I missed you all!

Well the past two months have been hectic and eventful at the same time. Relocating back home and trying to get my life back on track at the same time has made me feel like a chicken with my head cut off.

However at the same time I have not let my reading spirit down and my back to business mindset is flourishing.

After a long debate Michigan is where my family and I will lay down our roots for several reasons

1. Family- I am super close with my family and with raising our son, my SO and I will be needing as much help as possible. Both allowing us a bit of freedom but also getting our LO used to being around his loved ones more often.

2. Opportunity- now I’m not saying Iowa didn’t have much to offer me in particular but I can say that it did it’s justice by providing me with a excellent unforgettable education and allowing me the opportunity to begin a blossom career in finance and sales .

3. Change- this will be a bit out of the norm for my SO because it will be his first time living outside of Iowa. So it will add more strength to our relationship as we are still learning to be parents but also as we rediscover ourselves and our love for each other . And also having a place to call home !

So far on our journey , I have been forced to jump back into the job market to both build a stable income for my family but also continue to grow my career . My goal of financial and time freedom have not let my mind . Being able to have the assistance of my family and will be phenomenal in that I can attend networking events more often and have date nights and also place a restart and kick start to the network marketing business I intend on starting again.

Well there is so much left to do and so much to get started!!!




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