Bye bye 2017

New job, new image of myself. And by new image I mean embracing my natural self! No weave and I’m going to rock more natural curly looks. I also am going to start dressing more my age and more mature. I mean I will always rock my jeans and sneakers and a nice top but for the most part keeping it chic and simple. So I can still look 23 but also like the awesome mom that I am.

Well about my new job I am a Logistics account executive trainee. So I am a third party broker assistant (temporarily) that works with customers looking to move product and truckers looking for loads to move. I heavily switched the industry I’m working on to maximize my potential of achieving higher income goals. I also want to learn how to manage my own book of business . So all of these things will be accomplished over the next 5 months of training. I have serious goals of earning at least 90k or more by this time next year .

I am still the makeup queen and diva as before I have added some new pieces to my collection and have found a love for a few more brands : Too faced/ Fenton Beauty and of course Mac. Trying out foundations, lipsticks eyeshadow color combos and everything just seeing what works for me. I have mastered the 15 minute makeup get ready in the morning. And so far I have not failed!!

I look forward to being more frequent with my posts next year!!

Stay tuned!!


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