The way we talk

I’m pretty sure we have all heard the saying

It’s not what you say but how you say it

Well in my type of work this matters 100%. I’m on the phone a lot and I know that the people I speak to cannot and will not ever see me. Which means my voice and the way I say things will speak volumes to my success in the business. I am constantly making calls to people and I make mental note to treat every one as an individual! Meaning I use similar but warm greetings to everyone and I make my way through each conversation building rapport. So for those people who are working in customer service or are in a call center here are some tips to help make work suck less

1. Smile, I know it’s cheesy and corny to smile at a computer screen but you would be surprised that smiling actually makes you sound a lot nicer.

2. Relax and act normal– we all no you have a Script to read and you must read everything as it is. Believe me I’ve been there done that but one thing I have learned is to make each conversation less robotic and to pause naturally in between each blerb and to let the customer respond. That way you won’t sound robotic and customer and people and general would be willing to speak with you.

3. Treat people the way you want to be treated– this is most important! You would never appreciate someone answering the phone with an attitude if you had a simple question. So eliminate the attitude or drama in your mind and concentrate on being nice and the rewards are endless!!

So takeaways, from this . You want to smile and show that you appreciate the opportunity to speak with the customer. You also want to relax and remember the person you are speaking with is human and they can detect if you are being robotic and not empathetic with them .


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