The end of year has its perks and then it has its stressful points. For my family and I being in debt and living pay check to pay check has caused a lot of headache and grief. We recently relocated back to Michigan to have the ability to have family help with our son. But ever since our move we have seen unnecessary costs brought forth. For example car insurance in Michigan is ridiculous . We are paying nearly $900 in car insurance for 2 cars . We have two car payments totaling almost a grand. Not to mention we also have credit card bills, student loan payments, personal loan payments, and other bills.

I am also trying to maintain what little credit I do have. While also raising a little boy. Its so much on my plate that I am completely overwhelmed. Sometimes I want to hide in a room and never come out . But i know that the hole we dug ourselves isnt that deep and there is still a chance to recover and make the best of the situation.

I have a few strategies in mind to help the situation,

  1. part-time remote work from home options
  2. starting a business
  3. network marketing
  4. selling things

pretty much anything at this point to eliminate the never ending debt and bills once and for all.

With that being said here are a few Simple SMART goals

  1. Pay off my credit cards and DO NOT USE THEM
  2. Pay off my Personal loan
  3. Pay down my student loans
  4. eliminate unnecessary expenses
  5. By the end of the year I want 2000 in my savings account untouched.




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