Open for Business

Hey what’s up Christen’s corner readers ,

This week I had an epiphany , I got fed up with searching high and low for a part time job to help me with my income and debt elimination.

So I took all the skills and talents I have learned at each of my jobs, current and past. And I have started my own company . Called


It is currently in the baby stages of building but I already have 1 client (which I am totally excited about BTW)

Just a bit about the company:

It is a Marketing company specifically for small

And large businesses in the fields that require a heavy customer base to survive.

I provide services in


Social media marketing and management

Email Marketing

By helping out with any follow-up calls, appointment setting, and prospecting to generate new business.

I want my clients to focus on closing deals and making money! Not stress about prospecting new business.

I’m looking to grow my business in the next few months.

If you know of anyone who has a business who could use my services please

Give me a call 313-815-5768 !! And check it out on Facebook and Instagram under



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