It’s been a while

I made a promise to myself to get organized and get serious about my professional and personal life. (Finances included) and so far I have remained true to that fact. But I’ve gotten so used to my day to day routine that I forgot about a few endeavors I wanted to pursue.

1. My marketing biz!! – Dial In Style

2. Flipping and reselling items!

3. Writing a book

4. And running my social media!

That’s just some of the ideas I wanted to continue to pursue. However , since I’ve switched gears in my career and stepped over to the Logistics industry a lot of my time has been devoted to building and growing my book of business. Which is also helping me learn and master my marketing craft of cold calling and earning business.

So believe me when I say that I want to do all of the things I listed above! I just know this year has to be devoted to growing my career and the other business ideas I have will follow suit.

Let’s not forget The Who I am

I am a mother

I am a wife

I am a daughter

I am a broker

I am a hardworker

I am dedicated

All of these things rolled into one sometimes does stretch my days thin. But with the right mindset and goals I can achieve anything !! And for all my young mamas out there just remember the only person stopping you from achieving your goals and dreams is You!