I grew up with a basketball in my hand . Always on the go. Always the girl in the family who got good grades, who played sports because I wanted to go to college to satisfy my parents and explore that one thing called adulthood that I so desperately looked forward too every year leading up.

I wanted to set my self up for success and surround myself with those people who want to see me go far. Those people who had the same dreams and aspirations as I did.

And now I am in my 20’s. I am a mother and the way I see the world has shifted. My goals in life have shifted. The people I surround myself with has shifted. My career choice has shifted. My aspirations in life have shifted.

I want success not only for myself but for my family. I want us to be Financially OKAY. I want my stress to be about choosing where to vacation in the summer and what sport my son wants to pursue in AAU.

I no longer want to sweat and shake at the sight of the next bill in the mail or the last dollar I choose to spend on one cup of a Chai Tea to help me make it through the day sufficiently charged and not riding on E.

I crave time and freedom. I want to watch my son grow up and not miss a second of it because, “Mom has to go to work” I want to take him to every mommy /son outing around and never feel guilty because I didn’t punch a clock.

I want to be proud of something to call my own and I write it off on my taxes because I earned it.

Thinking ahead in my life, lets say 10 years. I see myself sitting next to my husband watching our son score the winning goal in the sport of his choice and the smile on his that brings joy to my soul because he knows his parents love him so much and that we are there every step of the way not missing a beat.

I see us sitting around the computer at home while I put the finishing touches on our Vacation to the destination we choose. I see us taking a day to go watch a great movie and just enjoying the life we are living

When people write their “why’s” do they ever think about the future or mainly the present. What if the present is so mind boggling it makes it hard to focus. Stepping back and remembering why I am in the place that I am now I know that a higher power sees the potential that I have yet to meet.

My Why is simple…





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