My name is Christen, and Welcome to my Corner!   img_2075

Let me tell ya a little bit about myself

I am a millennial, in my 20’s I understand what people especially women my age go through. I am a mother so everything I do revolves around my little person. I can give advice on how I plan to move forward and change the game. With the opportunities we have now,

Changing the game is inevitable!

I am a lover of all things beauty, business, and even books

Using Cosmetics have become hobby for me!!  With every stroke of my brush and lip stick I become an artist. I enjoy color combinations and trying out new brands.

I eventually want to start my own business. (more details to come!!)

I am mother, my son is my pride and Joy! Becoming a mother has been the greatest journey thus far!!!

I work one full time job and I am working on getting a new business venture started!  I will be getting into Direct Selling this year to earn a bit more income, but also start growing my business and brand.!

I love SOCIAL MEDIA, I love to stay in tuned with the world around me. I like to know what is going on in the world. I also love sharing my experiences and stories with my friends!

I enjoy reading on subjects like

  • business
  • sales
  • networking
  • budgeting
  • savings
  • mystery
  • drama
  • beauty
  • cosmetics
  • fashion

I am Movie fanatic!! I am not genre bias! I have a wide taste in movies. JUST GRAB THE POPCORN AND DRINKS AND I’M SET!

Detroit is my city, I was born here and I am currently residing in this neck of the woods.

Anything else you may want to know about me will pretty much be written in my posts.

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