It’s been a while

I made a promise to myself to get organized and get serious about my professional and personal life. (Finances included) and so far I have remained true to that fact. But I’ve gotten so used to my day to day routine that I forgot about a few endeavors I wanted to pursue.

1. My marketing biz!! – Dial In Style

2. Flipping and reselling items!

3. Writing a book

4. And running my social media!

That’s just some of the ideas I wanted to continue to pursue. However , since I’ve switched gears in my career and stepped over to the Logistics industry a lot of my time has been devoted to building and growing my book of business. Which is also helping me learn and master my marketing craft of cold calling and earning business.

So believe me when I say that I want to do all of the things I listed above! I just know this year has to be devoted to growing my career and the other business ideas I have will follow suit.

Let’s not forget The Who I am

I am a mother

I am a wife

I am a daughter

I am a broker

I am a hardworker

I am dedicated

All of these things rolled into one sometimes does stretch my days thin. But with the right mindset and goals I can achieve anything !! And for all my young mamas out there just remember the only person stopping you from achieving your goals and dreams is You!


Open for Business

Hey what’s up Christen’s corner readers ,

This week I had an epiphany , I got fed up with searching high and low for a part time job to help me with my income and debt elimination.

So I took all the skills and talents I have learned at each of my jobs, current and past. And I have started my own company . Called


It is currently in the baby stages of building but I already have 1 client (which I am totally excited about BTW)

Just a bit about the company:

It is a Marketing company specifically for small

And large businesses in the fields that require a heavy customer base to survive.

I provide services in


Social media marketing and management

Email Marketing

By helping out with any follow-up calls, appointment setting, and prospecting to generate new business.

I want my clients to focus on closing deals and making money! Not stress about prospecting new business.

I’m looking to grow my business in the next few months.

If you know of anyone who has a business who could use my services please

Give me a call 313-815-5768 !! And check it out on Facebook and Instagram under



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New Store Coming Soon

Hey Christen’s Corner Family!

I have thought long and hard about what I could do as a side hustle. I think opening an online make-up store. I will sell Products from authentic

Urban Decay,

Too Faced,

 Anastasia Beverly Hills.


Just to name a few of my favorite brands! If you know of any brands or product you would like to see on the website let me know!



If you would love to hear more about the store tune in for more information. I will also have a link to it on my blog!!


Stay Lovely Readers




The end of year has its perks and then it has its stressful points. For my family and I being in debt and living pay check to pay check has caused a lot of headache and grief. We recently relocated back to Michigan to have the ability to have family help with our son. But ever since our move we have seen unnecessary costs brought forth. For example car insurance in Michigan is ridiculous . We are paying nearly $900 in car insurance for 2 cars . We have two car payments totaling almost a grand. Not to mention we also have credit card bills, student loan payments, personal loan payments, and other bills.

I am also trying to maintain what little credit I do have. While also raising a little boy. Its so much on my plate that I am completely overwhelmed. Sometimes I want to hide in a room and never come out . But i know that the hole we dug ourselves isnt that deep and there is still a chance to recover and make the best of the situation.

I have a few strategies in mind to help the situation,

  1. part-time remote work from home options
  2. starting a business
  3. network marketing
  4. selling things

pretty much anything at this point to eliminate the never ending debt and bills once and for all.

With that being said here are a few Simple SMART goals

  1. Pay off my credit cards and DO NOT USE THEM
  2. Pay off my Personal loan
  3. Pay down my student loans
  4. eliminate unnecessary expenses
  5. By the end of the year I want 2000 in my savings account untouched.



Thought of the day

Thoughts of the new year !

Becoming a real estate agent has recently caught my attention!!

I love the idea of running a business and helping people . I’ve already worked in the mortgage industry so I understand how to buy a home and the work that goes into that. However, I still want to take the next steps in that direction of my career because I enjoy the money making, career growing aspect.

Now to all of my followers what are your opinions of the career?

My ladies with little ones how were you able to balance that ??

Has it helped your financial situation??

I’d love to hear your thoughts??

Bye bye 2017

New job, new image of myself. And by new image I mean embracing my natural self! No weave and I’m going to rock more natural curly looks. I also am going to start dressing more my age and more mature. I mean I will always rock my jeans and sneakers and a nice top but for the most part keeping it chic and simple. So I can still look 23 but also like the awesome mom that I am.

Well about my new job I am a Logistics account executive trainee. So I am a third party broker assistant (temporarily) that works with customers looking to move product and truckers looking for loads to move. I heavily switched the industry I’m working on to maximize my potential of achieving higher income goals. I also want to learn how to manage my own book of business . So all of these things will be accomplished over the next 5 months of training. I have serious goals of earning at least 90k or more by this time next year .

I am still the makeup queen and diva as before I have added some new pieces to my collection and have found a love for a few more brands : Too faced/ Fenton Beauty and of course Mac. Trying out foundations, lipsticks eyeshadow color combos and everything just seeing what works for me. I have mastered the 15 minute makeup get ready in the morning. And so far I have not failed!!

I look forward to being more frequent with my posts next year!!

Stay tuned!!

Be the person you want to be

Tonight as my son snores away I watched two YouTube videos on being wealthy and rich (two things I desire) I noticed the enthusiasm of the speaker and the encouragement he displayed which got my mind thinking.

I’m 23 years old. 7 years from being 30. I have a pretty good start so far with a good job and supportive family

But for some reason I’m not entirely satisfied, I know my worth. I know that my skills and talents are worth more. I want my family to have the best life and I want to live out my dreams. 

Now hear me when I say being rich and having loads of money is not the solution to my plea. But it is a reward that I want to work towards . I have several goals in mind that may help me reach them. But for now listening and taking notes from people who are already living the life I want is the best way to learn!!