Hair Infinity

So Ladies,

Guess What! I have finally gotten around to trying Hair Infinity Vitamins! Yes I broke down and purchased them to see what the hype was all about. I am a curly cue kinda lady which means I experience shrinkage all the time after a good wash. I wanted to give a test run to see how much my hair would grown after a month of using them.

So far I am on week 2 of using them and i can see great progress already! They are vitamins that you take twice a day. At my local beauty supply store they cost about $30. (for those that are already using them how much have you paid?)

I am always up for trying new things that are trending in the Beauty world that are within my budget!! So I will give this product a A- Because I am still waiting to see true results!!


Bye bye 2017

New job, new image of myself. And by new image I mean embracing my natural self! No weave and I’m going to rock more natural curly looks. I also am going to start dressing more my age and more mature. I mean I will always rock my jeans and sneakers and a nice top but for the most part keeping it chic and simple. So I can still look 23 but also like the awesome mom that I am.

Well about my new job I am a Logistics account executive trainee. So I am a third party broker assistant (temporarily) that works with customers looking to move product and truckers looking for loads to move. I heavily switched the industry I’m working on to maximize my potential of achieving higher income goals. I also want to learn how to manage my own book of business . So all of these things will be accomplished over the next 5 months of training. I have serious goals of earning at least 90k or more by this time next year .

I am still the makeup queen and diva as before I have added some new pieces to my collection and have found a love for a few more brands : Too faced/ Fenton Beauty and of course Mac. Trying out foundations, lipsticks eyeshadow color combos and everything just seeing what works for me. I have mastered the 15 minute makeup get ready in the morning. And so far I have not failed!!

I look forward to being more frequent with my posts next year!!

Stay tuned!!

Product of the Week 

Welcome to Christen’s Corner!!!

Today I thought I would switch gears a bit and introduce my FAVE PRODUCT OF THE WEEK!

Fenty Beauty Foundation by Rihanna

Has been the talk of the town on every social media platform! People have been raving about the variety of various colors and under tones and over tones, the quality and texture of this foundation . I said to myself I just to check it out!! So I finally buckeled down and made my way to Sephora to see what the hype was about

I purchased the foundation first!! The shade I have is 300. It’s on the lighter end of the medium shades with hello undertones to match my complexion. The application of the product is great too. I don’t have to use as much product for coverage because it blends in my skin well and with either a brush or sponge you can easily get the coverage you would normally get with other brands of foundation.

Since I loved the foundation sooo much I also purchased the brush the following day! It’s very chic and classy and does wonders when you are blending the product in your skin!! 

I must say I am very impressed with Rihanna for this beauty line!! It’s exactly what we need!! Now people can actually match their tones accordingly with out having to settle!! 

I look forward to trying to contour and highlight combos I’ve heard so much about lately next!! 

Until next time !!!!


Beauty tip Tuesday

Today is Beauty Tip Tuesday and I’m going to share my tip of the week. 

For  the on the go, working mommas out there getting ready in the morning when you have a little one can be a little tricky when you are kinda racing against the clock. I know that trying to beautify yourself and entertain the little tykes can be a task. But I have mastered the art of doing both. While also looking good once the process is complete and I have one product that makes my transformation from Bedhead to ready for work easiest

Ladies foundation is like a gift from the makeup gods! It covers up every dark spot, circle , blemish, red spot. Anything that you are trying to hide from the outside world. Now I’m not picky with brands but so far Maybeline has been my safe haven !! It’s matte and not cakey! Plus I’m okay with liquid and a powder over cover! 

So my beauty tip Tuesday is ladies Foundation is the golden ticket !!

  • What’s your favorite brand of foundation?
  • Do you like powder or liquid?



Making the Cut this fall

So this will be my first post about hair! 

Since having my son and because of summer I have just been rocking the natural curly look.  

The summer for my textured hair makes it slightly difficult to keep my hair straighten that I just give up doing it sometimes , especially with keeping my son occupied long enough to do it.

But upon my return to work, (I work in the corporate world) I would like to get a nice cut with a hint of color for a nice new look


This look !!! With either Blonde or Auburn streaks

Let me know what you guys think!!

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Jaclyn Hill Palette

Today for Christen’s Corner I’m doing a


on the Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe


Now if you’ve been a avid reader for my blog you would probably guess that I am a superfan of eye shadows! I love color combos that you can make with them. I am a huge fan of Urban Decay, Too Faced, Maybeline, Anastasia ,and a few others.

I love neutral colors and smokey eye collections, but I’m really starting to like vibrant colors too! I’m a firm believer that if you use the right colors for your eyes, choosing a lipstick should be easy!

WELL MY READERS! I would love to hear your opinion!


Click the link above if you would like to purchase it from Amazon!



PS: THE FIRST 3 comments will be featured in my next post!!!



Naked Heat review

Yesterday I was a thrilled to be in Chicago headed back to Des Moines after a long vacation! My fiancé and I ventured down Michigan Ave and explored the various stores that we liked. I stopped in Ulta and was blown away! It was huge!!! I purchase the Urban decay Naked Heat pallete because it’s been the talk of the town!

I also purchased the corresponding Vice lipsticks.

I must say I fell in love instantly!!! The color combo for a smiley look are to die for!!! ❤️❤️❤️

I am excited to add it to my never ending cosmetic collection 💄💄💄.


PS: For all my ladies who have still not gotten their hands on this fabulous palette or the lipsticks… Head on over to!! They have a few left in stock!! DON’T miss out! the colors are fabulous

Click this link




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