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Hey what’s up Christen’s corner readers ,

This week I had an epiphany , I got fed up with searching high and low for a part time job to help me with my income and debt elimination.

So I took all the skills and talents I have learned at each of my jobs, current and past. And I have started my own company . Called


It is currently in the baby stages of building but I already have 1 client (which I am totally excited about BTW)

Just a bit about the company:

It is a Marketing company specifically for small

And large businesses in the fields that require a heavy customer base to survive.

I provide services in


Social media marketing and management

Email Marketing

By helping out with any follow-up calls, appointment setting, and prospecting to generate new business.

I want my clients to focus on closing deals and making money! Not stress about prospecting new business.

I’m looking to grow my business in the next few months.

If you know of anyone who has a business who could use my services please

Give me a call 313-815-5768 !! And check it out on Facebook and Instagram under



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Thought of the day

Thoughts of the new year !

Becoming a real estate agent has recently caught my attention!!

I love the idea of running a business and helping people . I’ve already worked in the mortgage industry so I understand how to buy a home and the work that goes into that. However, I still want to take the next steps in that direction of my career because I enjoy the money making, career growing aspect.

Now to all of my followers what are your opinions of the career?

My ladies with little ones how were you able to balance that ??

Has it helped your financial situation??

I’d love to hear your thoughts??

Back home

Good evening Christen’s Corner readers!!!

Oh how I missed you all!

Well the past two months have been hectic and eventful at the same time. Relocating back home and trying to get my life back on track at the same time has made me feel like a chicken with my head cut off.

However at the same time I have not let my reading spirit down and my back to business mindset is flourishing.

After a long debate Michigan is where my family and I will lay down our roots for several reasons

1. Family- I am super close with my family and with raising our son, my SO and I will be needing as much help as possible. Both allowing us a bit of freedom but also getting our LO used to being around his loved ones more often.

2. Opportunity- now I’m not saying Iowa didn’t have much to offer me in particular but I can say that it did it’s justice by providing me with a excellent unforgettable education and allowing me the opportunity to begin a blossom career in finance and sales .

3. Change- this will be a bit out of the norm for my SO because it will be his first time living outside of Iowa. So it will add more strength to our relationship as we are still learning to be parents but also as we rediscover ourselves and our love for each other . And also having a place to call home !

So far on our journey , I have been forced to jump back into the job market to both build a stable income for my family but also continue to grow my career . My goal of financial and time freedom have not let my mind . Being able to have the assistance of my family and will be phenomenal in that I can attend networking events more often and have date nights and also place a restart and kick start to the network marketing business I intend on starting again.

Well there is so much left to do and so much to get started!!!



Be the person you want to be

Tonight as my son snores away I watched two YouTube videos on being wealthy and rich (two things I desire) I noticed the enthusiasm of the speaker and the encouragement he displayed which got my mind thinking.

I’m 23 years old. 7 years from being 30. I have a pretty good start so far with a good job and supportive family

But for some reason I’m not entirely satisfied, I know my worth. I know that my skills and talents are worth more. I want my family to have the best life and I want to live out my dreams. 

Now hear me when I say being rich and having loads of money is not the solution to my plea. But it is a reward that I want to work towards . I have several goals in mind that may help me reach them. But for now listening and taking notes from people who are already living the life I want is the best way to learn!! 


Career Path

Now one essential component of Christen’s Corner is the Business Aspect

For business I like to cover any aspect that I think any working woman would find helpful and encouraging. So as I am coming to the end of my maternity leave with my son I am evaluating my current status at my job and I am constantly wondering if I deserve more or if there is a place for me elsewhere that my skills and talents would be appreciated.

Turns out after I worked out my resume and added a few overlooked components of my career such as

My association with the NAACP the Iowa chapter and my association with the Diversity and Inclusion component of Wells Fargo

I needed to make sure that I note those important and highly recognizable things.

Well last night after I finished touching up my resume and uploaded it to a few job posting websites : CareerBuilder, Indeed, and Glassdoor. I started thinking about a recent opportunity that I was offered, to run my own insurance agency.

Starting my own business and creating my own brand has always been a dream of mine. Similar to making the move to Phoenix with my family, I asked myself, WHAT IS TRULY STOPPING ME. ?

My list of things stopping me from starting a business

Health Insurance for me and my son

maintaining and Growing my income.

My Debt and paying it off

Determining a niche for my business

I mean with a bit of help and a lift in the right direction starting a business is absolutely up my alley. It would allow me to have control over my life, my time and create more freedom to spend with my son and watch him grow.

I have been able to pick up a few good reads that can give me a nudge in the right direction.

Selling for Dummies 

Start your Own Business – Entrepreneur Press


I encourage all aspiring entrepreneurs to check these books out!! (CLICK THE LINKS!) 

Hopefully they will help me to become inspired with this idea.

For now blogging as much as I can and contributing to the needs and wants of my readers is both a hobby and pure enjoyment for me!







Summer Reads!!

Hey Good People!!

I made it a priority to read more and Enjoy doing it while I am on maternity leave. Bookstores (online and in-store) and libraries have become a Safe Haven for me. I can find loads of things to read, learn about and research. So far my genres or choices of topics to read about have been:

  • business: women in business, starting your own business, and more
  • investments: money management, wealth, 
  • blogging: how to market my blog better, how to keep my readers happy, etc
  • fiction: a good novel!

Side Note: Now along with my summer reading choices I will be giving reviews frequently on the books I’m currently reading! I would love to know if other people have read them too and your opinion on them! I  want to have an online book club going! 

Well, the  book I’m currently reading now

The Agency – Ally O’brien

This can be purchased online at a good price via Amazon



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Bargain hunter

Now Christen’s Corner is mainly about lifestyle and makeup but occasionally I like to give a peak into my taste in fashion and my style.  

In a recent blog post I talked about my experience with stitchfix. The website/app where you are assigned a stylist and sent several clothing items to try on and either keep or return. It’s been advertised on television a lot and I gave it a try and I really like it. 

I am also a big fan of thrift stores. You know what they say one man’a trash is another man’s treasure.  Well I completely relate to that , it’s like you never know what you may find. 

In my case I’ve been on a hunt for switching up my business casual look . I work in a corporate setting that allows for that attire and since I’ve been on maternity leave that has been my primary focus. So I can return to work in style. 

I’ve noticed pastels and olive greens and maroons are my cup of tea for colors. And as far as fabrics I’m still sorting that out.  Well here’s what I was able to put together at my local thrift store. 

A nice white blouse and olive green pants and a cami with a shimmery gold purse to match! Now I’ll be on a hunt for shoes to go with next!!( I’m always open for suggestions) 

A complete outfit for 15$ .  And at any mall or retail store I probably would have to spit out like 50-60 depending on the store . 

See I’m happy bargain shopping and I definately encourage my readers to do the same!!
SHINE ON Good People

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